Prediction: Indiana will finish 6th in the B1G and that’s good news

With two-three games left in the B1G regular season, Archie will finish his first season as head coach of the Hoosiers no higher than 4th, but no lower than 7th in the B1G.


4th: A lot needs to happen for Indiana to finish 4th in the B1G, but it is still possible.

– Nebraska: Lose out (@Illinois, Indiana, PSU)

– Michigan: Lose out (OSU, @PSU, @MD)

– Penn State: Lose to Purdue, beat Michigan and Nebraska

– Indiana: Win out (@Nebraska, OSU)

5th: A lot still needs to happen for Indiana to finish 5th in the B1G, but it is not as much as 4th. Bottom line, Nebraska or Michigan needs to lose out while Penn State loses at least one game (with Indiana winning out).

6th: This is the most likely scenario for the Hoosiers and in my opinion, the best option for them going into the B1G Tournament. All they have to do is jump ahead of Penn State.

– Indiana wins out while PSU losing at least one game.

– Indiana wins one and loses one while PSU loses at least two games.

– Indiana loses out while PSU loses out.

7th: Indiana stays where they are and they do not jump ahead of PSU. This would mean Indiana probably loses a couple games while PSU goes on a hot streak to knock off tough opponents.

Finishing 6th is Ideal

Getting all the way up to 4th would certainly be optimal because then Indiana would get an extra bye for the B1G tournament, but that might not be the best course of action.

Michigan State is still the powerhouse team in the B1G that no one is going to want to face when it comes to tournament time. Avoiding MSU at all costs will be everyone’s priority at getting through the tournament. The more teams MSU has to go through before the possibility of facing Indiana, the better.

Ohio State just needs to lose one game and Michigan State will take over the #1 seed and likely retain that position. MSU finishes off the season at home against Illinois and on the road at Wisconsin. Ohio State, however, travels to Michigan, home game against Rutgers, and then travels to a hot Indiana team. If OSU loses one game while MSU wins out, here is a rough picture of how the B1G might finish.

#1 Michigan State

#2 Ohio State

#3 Purdue

#4 Nebraska

#5 Michigan

#6 Indiana

#7 Penn State

#8 Northwestern

#9 Maryland

#10 Wisconsin

Let’s take a look at the B1G Tournament bracket to see where that would place Indiana in terms of seeding.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 11.52.43 AM

The 6th seed would potentially have Indiana facing the #3 and #2 seeds before having the chance to see Michigan State. Sure, the Hoosiers would have their second game against Purdue, but I know I’d rather take Purdue over Michigan State at this point. Plus, who knows, Purdue’s losing streak could continue and Nebraska could jump up to the 4th seed, you never know.

The 7th seed would not be terrible either, because they would still be in the same side as the #2 and #3 seeds, but their first game would be against Wisconsin and we all know how IU plays against the Badgers, regardless of how good either team is.

There is still a lot of basketball to be played, and a lot can and will change before next week. Indiana is putting themselves in a good position if they can continue the win streak and come out on a high note before Archie makes his B1G Tournament debut and who knows, maybe they can make a run.

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