How to Find Time to Listen to Podcasts

Have you ever had trouble finding time to listen to podcast episodes such as ours? Everyone has such a busy life, it’s hard to find time to get groceries or do your homework let alone listen to a podcast.

Here are a few ways you can listen to podcasts during the day and not lose time doing other activities:

1. Listen while you get ready in the morning.

Have your phone, computer, smart tv, Alexa, Google, whatever, play an episode while you get dressed in the morning, brush your teeth, or whatever else your morning routine consists of.

2. Listen on your way to school or work.

Everyone has some sort of commute in the mornings. Whether it’s a car, bus, bike, train or walking to work or school, there is usually some sort of commute you have to make.

3. Listen on your way home.

Listen while you drive, pretty simple.

4. Listen while you are exercising.

Who exercises? Well, for those that do, perfect time to catch up on a show if you can take a break from your favorite pump-up song.

5. Listen while you are cleaning.

Your house or apartment or whatever needs to be cleaned at some point. You don’t have to make the chore boring by just doing it without anything to listen to.

6. Listen when you are cooking dinner.

Not everyone cooks dinner, but if you are the person making the meals every day, why not turn on a show while you’re spending time cooking? You could rack up an hour or two every day just cooking in the kitchen.

7. Listen while you are in the shower.

This may sound weird at first, but who hasn’t sung in the shower at one point in their lives? There are so many different speakers out there that people are now starting to listen to music in the bathroom as they shower, so why not listen to a podcast?

8. Listen while you are getting ready for bed.

Why not start and end your day the same way with listening to parts of a podcast?

Now we all know that there is time in our day to listen to podcasts, why not subscribe to The Hoosier Sound right now!

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