About the Guys

Noah Freeman

Noah Freeman is senior at Indiana University, and will be graduating in the Spring of 2018. Noah is a music education major, with a minor in Conducting. He is originally from Fairfax, Virginia, which is a suburb of Washington D.C. Noah has been a sports enthusiast since he was little, and he grew attached to Indiana sports when he came to IU in 2014. He has been in the Marching Hundred and The Big Red Basketball Band, which have taken him to multiple NCAA tournament games, including the 2015 NCAA Championship game. He now has season tickets for both football and basketball, where he cheers on the Hoosiers at every game.



Matt Lukens

Matthew Lukens is Junior Sport Marketing and Management from Stuart, Florida. He loves sports (literally any sport, come at him in pickle-ball). He has been an avid sports fan since he could start reading and understanding sports more than just “The Red Team vs. The Blue Team.” He is also a part of the marching hundred, so he goes to most of the home football games. In addition, he is also in The Big Red Basketball Band. He was lucky enough to go to the NCAA tournament 2 years ago and sit court side, where IU beat Kentucky. IMG_2779